Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spotlight: Speed Breakers by Devangini Chauhan & Akanksha Madan

Speed Breakers
Devangini Chauhan & Akanksha Madan

What would you do...if your dreams came true?
Akanksha Madan. Bubbly, effervescent and always ready with a smile; with an assuring softness in her eyes.
So, when she woke up the morning after that dream – that heart wrenching dream – she knew it was a sign.
She left the “how, what, when, why, where and who” to destiny.
And when destiny spoke, she was listened, first shocked, and then inspired.
A crowded mall, a young face very much like her own, and tears.
Akanksha knew she had found the girl from the dream.
She sat her down (not before going through the process of convincing a complete stranger to trust her first),
and asked her to talk. The story, overwhelming in its share of laughs, surprises, twists and turns, seemed to slow down the speed of time.
And before she knew, Akanksha was a part of the story.

Speed Breakers is the story of that dream, that crying girl and the hilarious, heart rendering tale of her dramatic life.

About the Authors:
Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan, Author – Entrepreneur Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan has been in the business of writing for the past 12 years. From corporate to academic content, from copy writing to editing, from articles to her first book: she has done it all. Her experience and expertise helped her set up her own media and publishing house, And All. A creative writing course from The Writer’s Bureau, Manchester (UK), was a bend in the road for this MBA graduate, and she eventually succumbed to the calling that had been with her since her childhood. 

Akanksha Madan (Story), Wellness Expert To be able to pin her down in a few words is a task indeed. Akanksha Madan is a poet, a Tarot Card Reader and a Psychotherapist: and she is still in her twenties. She came to Devangini with this story and asked her to write it. And there has been no looking back. With a keen sense of understanding when it comes to the human instinct, and human nature, she loves challenges. And more than anything else, she excels at every challenge that she takes up.

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