Saturday, November 2, 2013

From Prisoner of War to Artist Blog Tour: Dec 1 - Dec 31

From Prisoner of War to Artist
Corinne B. Trepanier

Otto Donau was a bigger-than-life character to me who lived in a completely different time than we do. A century ago, he was twenty-four years old. Although I never met him, I am drawn to him like no one else before. There is an unexplainable connection I feel between him and me that with words I cannot explain. This book is about his life and the way he lived it. It is told through stories passed down from generation to generation. I want those who read my words to be able to feel and see his life as I see it. I wish for him to never be forgotten.

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  1. The story I tell is a story of a man who fought every day of his life. From being a prisoner in a camp in Syberia to helping Russian prisoners escape from their German captors. He is my grandfather and this is the legacy I give him!