Friday, October 11, 2013

Spotlight: Azerline Wilson Introduces Us to her Mini Novel Collection

The Wrong Woman...Or Is She?
Azerline Wilson

Watch the Trailer:
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Meet the Characters:
No good! Dog! Dirty! and Liar! Those are the words that hunted John for years and those are the words that he tried so desperately to get rid of in the mind of the women he dated. Everyone always think of men doing wrong in a relationship but never remember how sneaky and conniving women can be. John has been misunderstood by women based on their past relationships, and has tried so hard to get rid of the myth that all men are the same. John grew up with both parents in the home and the only boy among four sisters, he watched how his father treated his mother with love and respect, he also watched how his sister's boyfriends treated them, how upset they got after catching them in a lie and/or with other women. Crying and hearing them talk about how they didn't care once they were found out, John heard their pain and vowed to his self that the bothers of the women he date would never have to hear their sisters in such pain. All John wants is to be, curious, understanding, loving and true to one woman. So how did that go?
Suave and cool Richard Townsend player to the end, love them and leave them was his motto. He just could never make a connection with any woman, so he decided he didn't have to. As a child his mother left him when he was five and because of him thinking his mother didn't want him, he grew a hatred for women and had no respect for them. That is how he is able to be with with a woman and toss her aside.
Jessica got pregnant at an young age and from that moment on her life changed. She dropped out of college at the age of twenty and had a hard time getting a job. She struggled most of her life, financially as we as personally. Everytime she would think she has a good relationship, once they find out about her baby, it was over. After that happening so many times, she has put up a wall considering men, but when that wall is torn down, can she handle it? 
Karen was always a pampered princess growing up as the daughter of a lawyer and judge everything she wanted she got. On her third birthday she had a party and a merry-go-round with real ponies. Servants at her beck and call for whatever she wish, so you can see that she doesn't know the meaning of the word "No" but once she leaves the comfort of home, can she adjust?
Your typical woman, Allison grew up in a middleclass home with both parents. Having good old-fashion morals, as a little girl Allison had the typical dream that all girls have of finding that special man to share the rest of her life with. 

About the Author:
My story is quite simple, The way I come into writing is after years of watching soap operas and reading countless numbers of romantic novels. After reading and watching characters come to life, I really love the idea of letting go of all my stress and escape the pressures of life by stepping into the shoes of another person, another life. Writing allows me to create a new world and make characters come to life and that is what I want to convey to the readers, so they to can escape the pressures of life, if only for a moment.

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